The Stolen Belt

It was a boxing fight made for the big screen. It was like the last installment of the Rocky Balboa movie franchise. It took them five years to make it happen, and so we waited, because that’s the best thing that we can do. A lot of people thought the fight wouldn’t happpen, but all the doubts were thrown out in the trash can for the date was set: May 2, American time. And so the expectations were raised, and the fighters were left with months to prepare for the biggest fight in boxing history.pac The atmosphere was nothing but electrifying. It transcended from theMGM Grand, Las Vegas, to the cinema located in our humble city, inside the Philippines. The seats were taken, lights were turned off, and the undercards were forgotten. Finally after five years, the dream would be a reality. The crowd went crazy every time the big screen showed the familiar face in Manny Pacquiao, known as the People’s Champ. Hoorays and claps were all over the place and every single noise became united to cheer for the Philippine pride. On the other hand, boos were given to Mayweather, the undisputed champion. Everybody went emotional as the ringing of the bell came closer. And ween the infamous “Let’s get ready to rumble” was shouted by Michael Buffer, there was nothing but loud cheers and pure excitement. Then the familiar tone took its place. The bell announced that the fight was really happening and the first punch of the historic fight would be thrown seconds after the said announcement. The first round wasn’t action packed, but iit was sure filled with nerves and excitement. The fight picked up on the second and third rounds. No boxer was controllng the match, until the fourth round came in. Killer combinations were thrown by Pacquiao, and it was then that Mayweater started to run and embrace Manny. The crowd was happy to see Pacquiao outplaying Mayweather, and boos and laughters were given every time Floyd ran away or embraced Pacquiao. It was frustrating to see the match being stopped because of some stupid embrace, but that’s how Mayweather works – that’s how you play defense in boxing. But even those didn’t affect Pacquiao from throwing killer punches to the face and body of the undisputed fighter. After the sixth round, Floyd Mayweather, Sr. shouted at his son’s face; asking something like, “What’s happening with you, son?”. It was uncharacteristic to see Floyd’s face being scared and having doubts, so everyone thought that Pacquiao had the upper hand. After the said incident with his father, Floyd came back strong on the seventh round. On some rounds, Mayweather almost fell because of Pacquiao’s electrifying punches. It should be noted that Mayweather hasn’t toucheed the canvas for the longest time now. Many times, Floyd was cornered but his defense remained intact. He faked Pacquiao and defeated him with counter punches, but even those didn’t take the fact that Pacquiao dictated and controlled the fight. It’s obvious that both fighters were in great shape, but it looked like Pacquiao wanted it more. The final round was memorable, and by the looks of it, Pacquiao would win. But as analysts say, if the fight lasts until the final bell, then the fight would sure go with Mayweather – and that’s what happened. Many walked out from the cinema. After a moment of silence, boos and taunts covered the place. It was sure disappointing to see Pacquiao being defeated in the eyes of the judges. The guy who took low blows and dirty plays from Mayweather; the guy who controlled the phase of the bout, was defeated via unanimous decision. Scores: One judge scored: 118 – 110 Two judges scored: 116 – 112 (If I’m not mistaken with what I can remember.) It broke the hearts of all the boxing fans who saw the fight. It was like a replay of what happened back in the first Pacquiao – Bradley fight. Maybe it was Mayweather’s defensive strategy that won the game for him. Maybe it was Pacquiao’s missed punches that caused him to lose the match. Maybe it was Mayweather’s dirty tactics that the judges wanted to see. It was Las Vegas, baby. For now, we’re just sure with one thing: Money won.


Valar Morghulis

Since another Game of Thrones season is coming, I thought it’s just fitting to create something for the show. To all the fans and avid watchers of show, do check out this project of mine on my Behance page.

Valar Morghulis - Framed

Now, who’s excited for the new season?

Definitely me.

To The Fallen 44

The amount of people getting killed because of wars has always been alarming, and I think the fact that many would still risk their lives or have their lives be at risk because of endless gun fights has long been known, but not accepted by many including me, who now is in the last year of being a teenager. You’ve got to question the intelligence of men, sometimes, or maybe every time. The recent killing of 44 Special Action Force members of the Philippine National Police should not be taken for granted, especially if they were slaughtered in the middle of a mission to track down two well-known terrorists at the heart of the MILF and BIFF bases located at Mamasapano, Maguindanao. Worse, the heads are denying involvement on the mission itself. Way to wash their hands, I think. Rumors have been going around that the President Noynoy Aquino himself gave the go-signal and the supposed to be suspended PNP chief ‘ran the show‘. If the mission didn’t end as bad as it did, would they still deny involvement? Or would they slap it to everyone’s faces? Well, no one knows, except them. If this was their plan to make the chief’s name and reputation better again, I think they failed. But then again, nothing is proven and no one has confirmed the reports yet, so I would try and be fair to them as possible. The blaming game shouldn’t be the focus here, at least for the moment. It isn’t about the way that the government seems so insensitive about the issue, but more to the fight that our forces gave for the country until death. It’s in the way that each of them took bullets as long and as many as they could while they stood hopelessly in the middle of guns from wild terrorists who some shouldn’t have done what they’ve done, but the act has been done and justice must be served. There’s an existing Bangsamoro agreement at work here, what happened? You’ve got to question the willingness of the other party for peace. If they would still spill blood to our lands, then what’s the sense of giving them something that maybe they didn’t deserve? If it’s peace they want, then peace they should give. The involvement of the MILF hasn’t been cleared, but it’s obvious that one way or the other, they fired shots and brutally killed the fallen SAF members. On the other hand, the participation on the killing by the BIFF has been confirmed, and it has been reported that they themselves would take revenge to what happened to their men during the standoff. The tension is high, and I wish that no more innocents living in the area would be damaged, as three were reported wounded after the killings. The mission was indeed a failure, though reports have said that Marwan was shot dead by the force, because many lives were lost, may they be from the SAF side or less favorable ones’ side. It’s always the ending of wars, I guess, battles and wars may be won, but lives would always be lost. To gain something, you must lose something. This time, the forces may have killed a high-profile terrorist in Marwan, but they also lost good members of the force – good fathers to their children, husbands to their wives, sons to their parents, and brothers to everyone. Such good men should not be forgotten – for lives that would’ve served the country for a very long time were cut short because of a poorly planned mission and brutally killing of terrorists. We all dream of days with no guns being fired and bombs being thrown. We all dream of days with no terrorists to hunt down and no missions to kill someone needed. We all dream of peace, but what we have now is far from our dreams. Our men fought bravely, and it’s all that we can celebrate, but more grieve for now. The truth shall come out. To the fallen 44, we may not remember your names in the next days, weeks, months, years, nor they would be written in history books, but your courageous act would be remembered and stories of it would be passed down until they become legends, until you all become legends by your own rights. Sirs, I offer you my salute. Fallen 44

How To Make Homemade Pizza (Or at least something close to it)

Yeah, I know. Even me wouldn’t trust the title itself, so what are you doing here? Search Google for something better! But if you’re a loyal reader, then prepare to suffer.

My brother and I got bored and so we decided to make pizza out of the things that can be found in the kitchen. So basically, we made something out of what we have, and maybe it would be useful for people with limited budget, or for those who just don’t want to go out of their houses or apartments or whatever. Enough of the talking, let’s get down to business. Ladies and gentlemen, the shit homemade pizza.


Things you’ll need in pictures, because I’m too tired to type their names.

20150102_161457 20150102_161413 20150102_161400 20150102_155522 20150102_155456 20150102_155404

Okay, the first and only step: Put everything together. Come on, I’m not a food blogger so I don’t know much about measurement and steps. But since I’m nice, I’ll try. First put whatever amount of tomato sauce in a slice of bread. Then beef, hot dog, ham and finally, cheese. See, I’m terrible, why are you even reading this shit. Anyway, when you’re done doing that, put everything that you’ve made in the oven and heat from 7 – 10 minutes. What a waste of good ingredients, right? But kidding aside, the finished product do taste fine, kind of close to a real pizza, if you’d ask me, or am I just being biased? Take the latter, because I will, too. But it’s real that I enjoyed eating it because come on, we made it and it’s satisfying and we all know that we’ll eat anything close to pizza.

If you have some money, you can order, instead, really. We should’ve, but we thought it was fun to try and mix everything up. The thing is, it’s fun to experiment once in a while. If it’s a complete failure, then blog about it so everyone can make a laugh out of it, right? But that’s not what I did, of course. Our pizza is perfection. Okay, not.

So yeah, this post is to alert everyone that I’m transitioning to food blog and nothing can change that. I feel it in my veins, like it’s calling my name from the kitchen. I’ve decided, and my decision is to stop this thing before it gets too boring, because you and I don’t want that.


Looks good, anyway. Pizza cravings satisfied!

I hope everyone’s having a great start to their year, because I am. Let’s make this year memorable that if we would ever look back soon, we would remember this year as the one that we really enjoyed. Learn and try new things. Take chances and make pizza based from my post! Self-promotion, you see.

Happy New Year!

the sunset


April 4, 2013 – Charles Lijauco “the sunset”

Tonight, I went outside after I finished a film. I don’t know, I have no intention or whatsoever I just want to go outside and breathe fresh air since everybody in the house was outside, outside meaning far away from home, but me. So I stood there, about 5 meters away from the back of our house and 5 meters away from the wall that separates our place to the woods. I looked up and I saw two colors, one blue and one orange, and I’m sorry but I’m not that good with colors so I have no other words or name, just orange; then call it sunset orange. I found myself looking up for like 3 minutes. I saw it. With my eyes I saw it, the sunset it is. And the sunset for me is not just all about the sun going down, for I also heard the sound of the birds chirping, sound of the cold summer breeze touching my face and moving the strands of my hair; I saw them, the trees were dancing, bats were flying and birds are all over the place, maybe playing or something – but the thing here is I saw them. I saw life. This time I realized that all that I needed was to go outside and see the world, the paradise that we’ve taken for granted. That in here, or there we can see balance – balance in life. That even though there are wars happening in Korea and Afghanistan, that people are killing each other for pride or just because they can’t understand each other; even though there are couples breaking up, parents still working for their children, people who are spending there money in Las Vegas or Macau, that there are people that would rather sleep early because they’re hungry than stay up to watch how the sun sets, it would still go down, yes the sun would still go down. The trees would continue on dancing and the birds would still fly, as I’m writing this. It’s life, I realized. The beauty would just never stop just because people are struggling. And that’s wonderful, especially for the people who would want to see the sunset, the wonder, the life.


April 4, 2013 – Charles Lijauco “the sunset”

Now I’m ready to see the moon.

the letter that I would never send


Hey. Yes, it’s me. You might be wondering why am I writing to you or whatever but I just want to, or maybe I need to. I’ve been seeing you for as long as I can remember but I never had the chance nor the guts to ever try to talk to you or start a small conversation or something. It’s not that I’m shy or anything close to that, it’s just that I don’t want to waste your time and my time talking about nonsense and trying to figure out where small talks could lead us. Maybe I’m scared that I would annoy you, but that’s not the main reason. Not at all. So here, I just wrote this letter for you. Well, it would be great if you’d take some time reading the next few sentences. Alright here we go.

So why did I wrote this letter. Okay, please don’t assume that this, this shit is a love letter because it’s not. You won’t see any “oh goodness you’re so amazing please be mine”. No, not that kind. This letter, is created to let you know that I’m amused by your existence. Well, basically I’m amused by everyone else’s existence and stories. But about this amusement, I want to know you better. I find you interesting. I find you fascinating. I find the little things that you do strange yet still cute. This letter was to let you know that not everyone sees you the way you think they see you. That you’re worth more than that, we’re more than all the judgments and words that they throw at us. Most of all, I find you original. 

But then I realized, all these things – these things that I’ve said and wrote, they’re not really you, instead they’re me. It’s not how you show yourself but how I see you – how I want to see you. I see you as this and that, but really, I know nothing. I don’t know what you’re doing when you’re staying late at night. I don’t know the reasons behind your smiles, if they’re real or not. And I think I was being unfair, all these times I was. I judged you before I even knew you. 

No words. When I finally summed up all these ideas, no words.

But I’m hoping, that soon I would be able to write about you. How you sleep, laugh, smile, cry and what are your favorite books and how much you love pizza. I want to. And I hope that I would be given the chance to know you better, so that next time, I would have the words, the real ones, to at least define your amusing existence. 



“I’m about to talk to you. Here, I’m coming. Oh no. No. No. I realized I don’t want to annoy you. Maybe right now, you’re busy or something; but even if you’re not, I still won’t talk to you. I feel like I’ve annoyed you for so many times now. But just you know, it kills me every time I have to stop myself from talking to you. If I could just.. Ugh. Never mind. Maybe next time? Or maybe not. Or never.”

– March 5

“That feeling of yes, I want to write something, but I just can’t seem to put the right words together. In my head they’re perfect – all words in their proper places making sense; but outside my head when I’m trying to write them down, no words. I have words, but they’re not perfect; therefore, I’m not pleased. Oh please words, let me write you down so everything would be alright.”

– March 5