Pacquiao-Marquez III: A Controversial End

You can put this one to the list of “The Most Controversial Boxing Fights” ever. They both deserved to win actually.

I’ve been waiting for this fight for like 20 days before Nov. 13; I actually bought a ticket to watch PacMan live but unfortunately, my commitments wasted it. Going back to the fight, I thought Marquez controlled the first half of the fight. He was dominant since the first round and did everything right. My tweeps were tweeting things like “what happened to Pacquiao” and things like that. I was also wondering why Pacquiao is not showing up. I mean, I’m not used on seeing Pacquiao receiving punches from his opponent. 

The Last half of the fight will go to Pacman, but I didn’t say that Marquez got tired as of this moment. Marquez continued to fight and that made me decide that Pacquiao has a slim chance of winning this game.

I was holding on to that slim hope; I’m still hoping that Pacquiao will still win the fight. I was so nervous; the fight was so intense.

As the Round 12 ended, I was so shocked. I thought Marquez will win the fight BUT I still got the feeling that Pacman would not allow this huge upset. I waited for the decision.. I waited.. I ate my lunch (Ooops, that’s unnecessary I think).. The judges made their decisions.. It ended up like this: Pacquiao with a Majority Decision win. I was like, OH GREAT! YEAH YEAH YEAH!! But I’m not that convinced that Manny won the fight. I’m not saying that Manny is not deserving but I think he’s not himself during that fight. But again, I’m still proud that Manny won the fight.

To end this one, I would like to congratulate Marquez. Major props to him. He was great; he did everything very well but maybe, it’s just not your time to defeat PacMan.

Now who’s up for a PACQUIAO-MARQUEZ 4? Or do you prefer to watch PACQUIAO-MAYWEATHER 1? (Why did I included “1” there? Oh never mind.)

All photo credits go to their respectful owner/s.

**This post was first posted on 11/13/11 on my Tumblr Blog**


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