The Aquino Republic

Let start this with a short conversation between two different people:

Mr. Foreigner: Hey you, where you from?

Mr. dela Cruz: I’m from the Aquino Republic. Beat that you whitey!

Okay let’s end that senseless conversation right now.
News are all-over the Metro and we’re being haunted by them. From the discovery of the biggest crocodile (which is from the government.. I mean from the government of the crocodiles. You do not know if Lolong is the president of their federation right? Oh you got me there!) to this bill passed by an official: a bill that wants to change the name of “EDSA” to “Cory Aquino Avenue”. For the babies out there, Cory Aquino is the first female president in the Philippines (Aquino Republic). I don’t actually know things about EDSA, perhaps the only thing I know for now is he’s a person and he did something great for the community. something really bad. What I mean with bad is.. uhm.. not cool. I know you guys want some cool stuff. Anyway let’s start this one off.

I’ve read some tweet that’s somehow relevant or significant to this issue. The tweet was about a fine humor to sum it all up. It says that: About this EDSA to Cory Aquino Avenue…do you honestly want more people cussing at Cory’s expense? i.e. “Tanginang Cory ‘to traffic parin!” – kudos to the maker of this tweet. You don’t really want to disrespect our late president right? I’m so kind. Do they serve as bonus for my final exams next week? No?! Okay.

Different places and landmarks in the Philippines were named after the late Aquinos. From Airports to streets and to places. You can search them all up in Google. Don’t trust me on putting all of them here. I mean, am I the only one who noticed it? Yes, they deserve recognition and appreciations for what they’ve done for the country. But I think naming our “important” places with Aquinos is just not acceptable. You don’t want to change history just to honor them. You can put statues but you can’t give them something that’s owned by someone. Give some respect for Mr. EDSA for human’s sake.

I’m not trying to sound as a hater here. I’m trying to make a point that I would like to send out to all the Filipinos out there. Enough is enough.

So thank

you. Please, to all the government officials out there, don’t let EDSA be CAA. Or else, just please change the name of the Philippines to AQUINO REPUBLIC. Now who’s up for some party at Republiq tonight?

Yellow Republic


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