Azkals VS LA Galaxy

The Azkals and LA Galaxy game is such a nice ending for what a great year for the Philippine football. I can see our future in 5 years. Oooh, I’m ready.

Philippine Azkals (left) VS LA Galaxy (right)

The first half of the game was closed, I thought the team did a great job. James Younghusband was so active; he’s all around the area actually. But of course, Phil standout because of that fantastic one-on-one goal during the 40th minute of the game. I became so ecstatic. Yes I did. I waited for this game for such a long time. All the players did well, though there were some miscues and incomplete passes. But that’s alright because Pacquiao arrived at the last minutes of the first half. I’m sure he’s not expecting that something good will happen to him at the end of the game.

Along with all the efforts of the Azkals during the first half is the fact that LA Galaxy made the match more exciting. The accuracy of the passes, the spacing and the show of David Beckham. Yes, he was fantastic tonight. The first half ended and I thought Azkals had a big shot on this one.

The second half arrived, and Azkals just got destroyed by the LA Galaxy. Different players scoring here and there, making it a night to remember for all the Azkals players. It was just lopsided. I thought Azkals played out of sync but I would also like to give all the credits to the defense of the LA Galaxy. They made Chieffy Caligdong turn into silent mode.

The game ended with the score of 6 – 1 in favor of the visiting team. Nonetheless, Azkals has nothing to be ashamed of. They showed a great character and to add, fighting a champion club ain’t easy. It’s like that they’ve been together for years. So major props to all the Azkals players!

So here is why PacMan got lucky. He became the recipient of Beckham’s jersey. Of course boys and girls would be jealous of that. You would like to wear his shirt while playing football!

So, thank you LA Galaxy for bringing some excitement here in our country. Hope you’ll come back and we’ll surely make you pay. Ooops, I’m just kidding anyway. Just be back and play some more games.

Actually I’ve thought of something great. How about putting Rooney, Villa, Casillas, Ronaldo, and Messi in one team? Then fight Azkals! That would be epic. That’s just a dream anyway. Or if that’s impossible, just bring ManU or FCB and let them fight the Azkals. That’ll be more exciting!

All photo credits go to their respectful owner/s.


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