The Near End

It’s 10:45 PM here and I’m sitting in front of a white concrete chair. But of course by the time you read this, maybe I’m there at my school trying to finish what I started by completely covering the circles of the answer sheet with the black color coming from a number 2 yellow pencil. I don’t even know if I’ll have a hard time tomorrow or not, one thing is for sure, I just want this sem to end.

You can say that I wrote this one because I’m procrastinating, well yes, you’re right. I’m just tired of reading the same notes over and over again. I’m not an irresponsible student but I think I’ve known enough information already. And maybe, this time is the time for me to relax my mind and rest well. I don’t want to put my body down just because of these exams.

Well the first day of exams did not go well. I hated everything about our Science exam because all the questions that appeared on the exam were not included in our lessons. Questions were related but not in our coverage. I am still disappointed up to now, I don’t know what to do. Still, I think I did enough to get a desirable grade on the said subject. After that was our exam for IT. It was all basic and I don’t have any problem with that. I do think that I’ll get something good on that. But still the SCI one destroyed my mood.

The second day was fine. English exam was hard but still manageable.

The third day (today) made my week. It was our Accounting exam and it gave me some kind of light that tells me that I’ll get something nice for my efforts. How I wish my efforts would pay off.

To add, I’m still thinking if I shaded the circles correctly. I don’t want to commit a mistake just because of my carelessness. Oh machine, please don’t fail or else I will. I’m trying to maintain a scholarship so please. PLEASE DON’T GO GO GO GO, ooops sorry, I just remembered something; that something is the fact that Mike Posner will come to the Philippines tomorrow (FRIDAY).

SO RIGHT NOW, I’m on the vacation mode. I’m not that ecstatic for tomorrow’s exam. Though I’m excited for our Christmas vacation, I still don’t have some plans for my vacation. Aside from the fact that I’ll watch some movies and some theatrical plays, I’m still staring at a blank sheet of paper. I want a getaway, I want to go to a place where I can unwind and relax. I did my part as a student and now time to pay my efforts. I have to pay myself. Vacation is for enjoyment; that’s what I want.

So yeah, tomorrow is our last finals exam. I’m done for tonight, and I’m ready for tomorrow.

P.S. I miss playing with my band. I do miss tearing my voice up and destroying eardrums. How I wish we can all unite once again. College works turned the GreenScene into silent mode. This is not the end anyway…

All photo credits go to their respectful owner/s.


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