Real Madrid FC 1 – 3 FC Barcelona (Real x Barca)

Expect a biased blog post my dear readers. I’m just so happy that Barca won.

I expected a great much and el clasico gave me what I was looking for. I woke up early in the morning just to see the red and blue conquer the men in white, and maybe, see my icon Lionel Messi finish a goal once again.

Perhaps the only positive minute for Real was the first minute. They started the match with a goal, well, it was because of the carelessness of the goalie anyway. Still, a good thing that Real capitalized on it. I became shocked because an early goal was given right away. That time I was thinking if Barca had anything to get the goal back as soon as possible.

So the match went on and the possession by possession game of Barca prevail. Real had some lapses that lead to some goal. Ronaldo just can’t connect, he had I think 3 or 4 shots on goal.

Possession and chances just made Barca won. No doubt that patience prevail during the match. Though Messi didn’t score, he was still terrific from the get go. He passed the ball and created some plays. The accuracy of the passes by Barca was just amazing. My favorite goal was the one made by Cesc, a goal that explains the team play of Barca. Iniesta -> Messi -> Alves -> Cesc. That’s how we do it folks.

I still feel that Barca just controlled the match. And Real just had nothing going on for them. Now I believe that they’re all tied up in the standing which is a good thing for me. I’m a proud Barca fan and I’ll support them all the way. Just please bring them here in the Philippines. If it is just possible.

What a great start for my day. God Bless and keep in touch.

To conclude: FC BARCELONA is STILL the BEST team in the world. ¡Visca elBarça!

All photo credits go to their respectful owner/s.


2 thoughts on “Real Madrid FC 1 – 3 FC Barcelona (Real x Barca)

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    Amazing comeback from Barcelona, but should Lionel Messi have been sent off? Who knows, but it is certain that this was an impressive game with 4 goals

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