Early Christmas Bonus

This post will not expose my 13th month bonus nor my early Christmas gift. It will expose my hidden secret which is…. Oops, sorry, not that one. So yeah, I have my early Christmas bonus right here in front of me; I received it awhile ago.

Grades got released and I became excited to know mine. These grades will reflect all my hard works for the past semester: those sleepless nights, torn books, and lesser social life.  And I’m hoping, that these grades will also help me push forward to do more for the next semester. Though I know the next semesters would be much harder compared to the past ones.

First off, I waited for my subjects to turn blue. To explain it further, we’re waiting for them to turn blue because that’ll mean that we passed the course. If it turned black, sorry but you failed. Honestly, I’m afraid to encounter that. So all the subjects turned blue and now the time has come for me. I opened the school’s website, logged in and clicked the tab that’ll show my grades. After seconds of waiting… Oh yes, I made it. I cried and cried until I succeed. *laughs* just kidding, I didn’t do that. I know there are still more challenges to come and this past semester is just one of them. So I focused my eye to each and every numbers I see on the screen. I looked down at my TWA and that made my day. Scholarship shall stay and money just got saved. More money for other purposes. That’s terrific don’t you think?

So I don’t like to detail my grades, nor show it to anyone. I just want to thank God for this another blessing. You know, surviving the 2nd semester is not a joke. That’s why I’m proud and thankful.

1 and a half week before Christmas and I’m here smiling in front of a machine. This blessing just overtook the fact that I’ll have two movies for tomorrow. Well, I don’t think that was even necessary but yeah, see you 3rd semester.

Once again, thank you Lord God for everything. For helping me succeed the past semester and for giving me a good life.

PS. What’s for dinner?

Photo credits go to their respectful owner/s.

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