The Night Before Christmas

I woke up 3 PM this day for a reason that I finished a game last night. As I stepped outside my room, I noticed that my family was not in our house. So I figured out that maybe they’re going for a last-minute preparation for tonight’s Noche Buena. We’ve been practicing this celebration ever since I was born and you know, I’m happy to have this kind of gathering.

It’s 8 PM here and the neighborhood is busy cooking all their goodies. I decided to step out of the celebration just to write this short post. I think I’m in need to think of some things that go beyond the meaning of Christmas.

What’s Christmas for you then? All our lives we’ve been thinking that Christmas is all about the birthday of Jesus. Yeah right, but are we putting the sense in our hearts? Aren’t we being ignorant to ourselves for just spending all our money for things that we don’t really need? It’s sad to see people praising Santa more than Jesus. It’s His birthday, this one is for him.

Now let me share something, last week I was in one of the most richest landmarks here in the Philippines, it’s called the Resorts World Manila. I enjoyed that stay because of the concert and the fine dining. So I felt the fulfillment of having “enough” in life to be able to afford to go there. I’m not rich or anything, my parents just wanted me to experience things that others do. So enough of that. As we were on our way home, I got to see this poor place where settlers have no decent clothes. I think, and then I realized that this should not look like this. The place is about a hundred meters away from where I got from. I know they’re happy, I can see it. Kids are enjoying the time with their parents and parents are having fun too. You can see the satisfaction in their faces. That moment, I asked myself, “What if you’re the one who had the money and all that, would you help them?”. Well yes of course, I experienced the hardness of life. I experienced being called to the office because of the unpaid balance, that was then. I know what I’ve been through is nothing compared to what they’re going through now, and that’s what made me conclude that I’m willing to help them if I can. I saw the two faces of a nation. I don’t know who’s lucky or not, but I saw it.

After that experience, I then came to realize that Christmas is getting near and some families are there sleeping because they don’t have enough money to buy foods for Noche Buena. For some, Christmas is just an ordinary day. It’s sad though, even though I know that Christmas is not all about the foods and all the stuff in the stores. How I wish I can give them groceries and goods to eat. I want them to experience the spirit of Christmas.

I said spirit of Christmas, now I’m sure you’re thinking about foods and materials but no, I mean the spirit of giving and receiving. Giving to your extent and receiving a thing with all of your heart. Isn’t it all about it? Sharing and giving love to each other? Don’t forget to forgive.

Now I’m sure you’re on your way to cook/eat some foods out there. Go ahead, nothing’s stopping you. Enjoy the night. But remember to be kind tomorrow and through the rest of your lives. They say that Christmas is everyday so, just do stuff that would help others. Tomorrow, Ninong and Ninangs, don’t forget to give your little ones some love. Well how I wish some of the kids out there still know what Christmas still means.

That’s it, I’m getting hungry already, I think I’m in need to get some foods. So yeah, if you need some pamasko, just go here. No I’m just kidding. Let us all eat well and remember to greet Jesus Christ a Happy Birthday.


AND of course, don’t forget to donate some of your things to the people who have been affected by typhoon Sendong. Give with all of your heart and remember that they need it. Let us give love! Most of all, let us pray for them.


*let the Christmas songs begin. tenenenenenen

*When will I experience white Christmas? Thank you.

All the photo credits go to their respectful owner/s.


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