Hole in One

I can still remember that Friday night when we celebrated New Year’s Eve. We’re altogether eating foods and lighting up the skies. It was fun and I thought to myself that next year would be a good one for me. So last year, I had high hopes for 2011. And indeed I was not disappointed.

Many would think that I’m looking for luck, but no; I’m looking for moments that would likely to challenge me and develop me more as a person. Besides 2011 was when I graduated from High School and started College. Though the transition was fast, I still think I did well and coped up with everything.

The year 2011 is ups and downs for me; I’m not the only one, I know. But I didn’t imagine things like these to ever come to me, I was surprised and it showed how immature I was during those times. I was not bold enough to face every situations whole heartedly. I was so cocky and very confident on things that I do. Eventually, I had some humbling moments that reminded me to put my feet on the grounds. I woke up and came up with ideas on how I would improve myself. Everything’s not easy and I can’t even imagine that I can do those things alone. I was hurt and challenged all these times.

There’s so many first times for me this year; I’m not gonna mention them all because it’ll take some time and ink, no, not ink,oh never mind. So I decided on some things and discovered many lessons. Sometimes you must do it alone and prove that you’ve grown-up, that’s one of them. But always remember that things won’t come easy and later on, you’ll need some company to help you through these rough times. Remember that.

It’s hard to adjust, it’s hard to learn, it’s hard to blend in to some things you’re not used to have. But that’s life, you must find happiness with all that you have.

Now I’m here trying to summarize all things that I’ve been through this 2011, but it’s hard. So I put it into some words and made it easy for everyone. The little boy turned to be someone who knows how to face things with confidence. And I’m proud, though I know I still have so many things to face. I have my family and friends so I’m ready, well, especially I have myself and God.

Maybe one of the greatest things that I’ve done this 2011 was to write songs and blog. I’ve learned to expressed myself more freely and release my feelings via pen and paper (computer or some gadgets).

I’m still growing up and developing. Right now, I’m just praying and hoping that next year would be nice for all of us. May we have the strength to overcome trials and face challenges.

I’m ready for next year and I’m thankful for 2011. Everything that was needed to make me grow just happened to me. Hole in one indeed.


Happy New Year everyone! May all of us be Blessed with good health. 🙂

All photo credits go to their respectful owner/s. 


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