Respect is the Key

Why do you have to care so much if a person is a JEJE or not? (BTW, for people who don’t know what JEJE is, I’ll explain it to you. Jeje is a “pasosyal” shortcut for Jejemon which means people who type like this –> cApS L@cK iS aBuSed, or worse. No need for further explanations). So you, will it affect your life so much if you see someone like that? Will it kill you and bury you alive, if ever? Will it make your intestine…uhm, okay I’m over the limit. So yeah, why do you have to be so rude?

Just now, I saw this post/tweet about how they hated JEJEs and so much more. They are complaining about why do Jejes put La Salle, Ateneo or UST in their bio? C’mon, there’s nothing wrong in putting that in your Facebook bio right? JUST LIKE how many people don’t care if you have 500 Facebook siblings, am I right? OR how you make your FB as your diary? Do we care? No, we don’t give any single whatever in that. So why bother to insult them the way you did?

Another thing, I’m alarmed on how many people post things like they wanted to kill jejemons, people, they are still human and they have their rights to live their own life. It may seem as a joke for you but not for others. Besides, you’re not even close to perfect to strike something like that. You don’t even know ethics, respect AND MATH! Oops, over the limit again.

Personally, I don’t like chatting to people who type like that. Yes, it annoys me so much, but I find my ways to respect them as much as I want to be respected.

They express their art and show the true side of them. They’re not shy of what they’re doing. So give respect, if you also want to be respected. You might be sitting comfortably in a couch right now or enjoying some foods because your “mama” and “papa” is rich, but didn’t you ask yourself that they might have been affected by their state in the society? They only put those SUPREME Universities in their education bio because they’re dreaming of maybe one day they’ll be able to go to that school? Can’t you imagine life without insulting anyone? Do you want war? Go to somewhere else, not here. OR you just want attention? Now go to your rich kabarkadas and insult as many people as you want.

That’s the problem of having that freedom of expression. Many of us don’t know how to use it without hurting someone’s feeling. I know I’m hurting your feeling right now, but I just wanted to remind you how rude you are right now. Yes you, you who laughed at the jejes during sometime. So please, THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK. If you’re not gonna say something really nice about someone, better keep your computer shut and chat with your friends in real life.

So if they’re annoying you, that’s the time that you must stop talking to them. But don’t insult, just leave.

We all have the rights to live in this world. We can do things that we want and enjoy our days. But together with our rights are the responsibilities that we must observe. Responsibilities to ourselves, to our family and to our communities.

I just hope that everyone would respect each other, in that way, we would live as one and avoid wars and divisions. No discrimination,  no insults ~ just pure respect.

Anyway, it’s still not late to change your ways and be good to others. 🙂


I’m not trying to protect anyone, I’m just trying to be fair and be honest to what I feel.

*If you can’t understand them, just don’t talk to them. But be sure not to insult them or anything.

All photo credits go to their respectful owner/s.


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