The Sound of Music

I sat down in a red, soft, elegant chair that was like 15 rows away from the stage. It may not be the best seat in the house for you but it was indeed enough for me to feel comfortable while waiting for the play to start. I observed the jam-packed theater that was composed of different personalities: beside me was an aristocratic girl with her fair companion. But the best persons in the theater during that time were the members of my family.

The lights go down and the red curtains go up. Suddenly there were some lights coming from the stage that looked like heaven, though I’ve never been there. Together with these effects were the angelic voices of the nuns in the play. That signal the start of the longest broadway play in the Philippines ~ The Sound of Music.

The story was of course based on the movie itself. They just included some theatrical effects that made it look good. After the nuns was the woman named Maria, a fine girl with a short blonde hair. I was stunned by the way she graced the floor; aside from the fact that she sang so beautifully. No words can really describe her looks that night. Cris Villonco is the name, an actress that’s so versatile. She also starred in Noli Me Tangere as Maria Clara. So surely, she’s Maria.

The show went on and the Captain and the kids showed up. They were all singing their hearts out with passion and beauty. Perfect as it may seem, but it’s enough and more than what I expected from the play. They gave the original characters justice with their talents. Talents that we must be proud of because those talents would soon make a name for the Philippines. Especially the little girls from the play, they acted and sang so well. Hands down for the great actors and actresses that I’ve seen in the musical play.

One of my main observations in the play was they surely did enjoy themselves up there. I know that they’ve been acting and singing since last year; doing the same thing over and over again. But they seemed fresh and ready yesterday. I don’t even have an idea how they manage to keep their voices like that but surely, they’re just the example of exceptional Filipinos that would soon make us proud.

I’m not gonna spoil those who would like to watch the play. Go watch it yourselves and be amazed on how our Philippine Art has gone so far. It was nice having The Sound of Music as my first musical play in 2012. I know there are more plays to come and let us see what will we reach soon.

Great artists, singers, props, set, story and music. As usual, Manila Orchestra nailed it once again. The 3 hour musical play with 2 Acts and several scenes in them will surely make your moneys worth. The venue is perfect for you if you want entertainment at its best ~ the Newport Performing Arts theater is a must see place people. I’ve been there three times and watched three shows.


Some of the photos:

with Captain Baron Von Trapp himself!



If you want to view the cast or the official site:

Tickets are available at the Resorts World Manila Box Office and all TicketWorld outlets.Call the Resorts World Manila Tourist/Visitor Hotline at 836-6333, 908-8833
or TicketWorld at 811-9999 for more information.

2 thoughts on “The Sound of Music

  1. Gosh, what a review! I am so so grateful. Nakakabusog Ng puso-to the brim! Thank you so much!!!!
    Much love,
    Cris Villonco

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