Turn Boredom into Happiness

When you’re bored, you usually find things that might entertain you. You tend to try things that didn’t interest you that much last time. Then suddenly, you’ll find them entertaining and they’ll start to be your hobbies.

Now I’m here to promote a page here on my blog named “My Doodles”. Go check it out by clicking on the titles of the drawings. It’s free to share, well if you’ll have the guts to share them. Here are some of them:


So for more, just check out the page. I’ll be glad if you did.

One thing more, I decided to start posting my song compositions here. I have 20 in total but I think I would not post them all. Besides, some of them will be protected by passwords. Just click the song titles on the “My Song Compositions” page for more information.

Sometimes we must really take a break from life’s dramas and complications. Let us try to do simple things that’ll make us happy and soon we would be able to handle things correctly. Do the things you love and don’t let anyone stop you from doing that. Have fun! Find your happiness and you’ll find life.


If you’re bored right now, you can also do these things!

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