I’m Size Ten

Every day, we are going through different challenges in life. By facing them, we do learn to grow up and develop as a person that we are now. But sometimes, we are confused about our journey; sometimes we can feel that we are not in the right direction. Then we often let others define us and confuse us. And I’m very sure that at some point in your life, you thought of changing your life, a life that has no dramas just like yours, because you’re just too tired of yours. But have you ever asked yourself what’s the purpose of your life? Why is it given to you? Or perhaps, does the size fits you perfectly? 

In a store, we have different sections for shoes; a section for men, women, children, executives, security guards, students, basketball player, football player, other ballers, runners, bikers, senior citizens, babies and many more. They categorized them for the customers’/consumers’ convenience. Now, for a man out there, have you thought of wearing a footwear that’s especially made for women use? Well, except if you have a special reason that we all know; I do respect that. But often times “no”, because the reality is that we will have a hard time moving; eventually we’d feel uncomfortable. Then we would rather be contented with what we have.

The same with life, we have different personalities, likes and dislikes. We can never categorize life because every person is different. We are unique in our own ways and we are therefore, gifted with individual beauty. We are all wearing a pair of shoes that fits us perfectly. This pair is a gift from God and we must take care of it. It ain’t easy right?

Stating that wearing someone’s shoes can’t be that easy, then why do we have to bother judging someone’s shoes? Why do we have to look down on someone just because he/she has a different one? You know, it’s easy to judge but it’s not easy to put yourself in their position. We can notice all their flaws but that does not make us a better person. So why bother? Next time, just try to put ourselves first in their position, and I’m sure we won’t like it. Don’t ever make a conclusion without even knowing the story of someone. And we might be surprised by how he/she made it in life. Probably, we can never stop comparing our shoes to someone. The right thing to do now is, just focus on our life and walk in our shoes confidently. Always remember that we’re wearing this pair of shoes because God believes that we can travel hundreds of miles, and even better. So enjoy it! Now I want to emphasize to the readers that you are free! Don’t let someone bring you down, for you are worth it of everything. Wear your shoes properly and be proud. Run! And for those who can’t run, just take it slow; one step at a time. Trust me, you’d enjoy it also.

So again, just walk and walk, because it’s not important where you are right now, what is important is where you will be tomorrow.

*This is a line from Eminem’s song “BEAUTIFUL”. I made this one to remind everyone how beautiful they are. Remember that you have that something that made you beautiful. SMILE! 🙂


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One thought on “I’m Size Ten

  1. I have just recently made an order for a pair of shoes online and when asked by the seller what my shoe size was, I couldn’t give a final answer. I was like, I’m usually a 7, but then 6 and 8 fit me, too.

    Reading this made me realize my personality’s a mess. Just like my feet.

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