Pray For Visayas

Lately, the central part of the Philippines, considering the position in the map, the Visayas have been experiencing huge blows to their peaceful life. Earthquake just hit them the other day and now aftershocks are haunting them, especially Negros Occidental. This is a serious challenge that I pray that they would survive.

Casualties have been recorded  and the numbers won’t make us happy. Knowing that many people died and some are lost, we must keep our faith on finding more survivors. Millions(Billions) of pesos would be the price of the of the big blow but more than the money, is the fact that people’s lives were destroyed and affected. It’s sad to know that many people are now experiencing these things unknowingly. Of course it’s normal for a country to go through all these but it’s just unusual and unacceptable at this moment. I just hope that no more aftershocks would destroy the infrastructures, and most especially, lives of many people.

On the lighter note, I know that my kababayans would survive all these. I know that we Filipinos can adjust to many bad situations for we’ve proven it through the years. You know, that’s one of the best characteristics of Filipinos, they always stay positive and look at the brighter side of things. I believe that life would still continue after the aftershocks. We are capable of seeing the best out of every situations. We can always see the sun; the moon and the stars in the night sky. For sure, dark situations won’t stop the Filipinos from shining.

I know that these words won’t stop all the grieving in the Central. But, I’m still confident that they would rise from the fall. Let us all pray for them and for their fast recovery. Besides, I can still see the smile on their faces. Be strong!


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