So It’s Love?

Since valentine’s day is getting nearer, many think that now is the perfect time to post some kacorny-han and/or some cheesy lines that would attract the eyes of the readers to either like or comment on their dramas. Someone’s bitter here.

But me, I chose to ask all of you about your experiences on the past VD celebrations. Have you ever dated someone during the said day? They made you feel special right? Of course, let us not exclude that romantic night that forever would be remembered. Sweet right?

But really, do we really need to care so much about LOVE(Romantic) these days? Or do we really know the meaning of that four-lettered word? Or perhaps, we’re just trying too hard to know what it really is. When will we realize that we found love, not admiration? It’s hard to fall in love because we’re all afraid to fall, to be rejected, to be judged, to be turned down, and to be entitled to such responsibility. Yes, many are trying; some are surviving but the opposite is still undeniable. Do we really care about real romantic love?

It’s getting harder to think of what’s our basis when we love – is it about the face, the look, the body, the eyes, the hair, the nose, or perhaps the voice? Reality is, people nowadays give more attention to the physical appearance or traits of a person. I know you will all agree. Usually, we’re giving love a different meaning. Many meanings were given already, and as far as I’m concerned, we’re still giving our own meaning to the word. I just hope that the meaning won’t be as worst as the meaning of discrimination/racism/stereotyping.

I know that there are still people out there who’re looking for a good personality that would eventually melt their hearts right from the get go. If not, it can be done by process. They still exist.

So now, do you really know what love is? How to love? Why do we love? When and where do we love? Are there rules before falling in love? Or perhaps, we should wait forever for that one love. Life’s hard; to love is harder.

Before anything, let us first try to be observant of our society and see the different faces of love. Perhaps, you can look at the mirror and ask yourself.

Personally, I do have my definition of love. I do believe that love would play a big role for the development of somebody. Rejections and acceptance would all be part of that word “love” for we are trying to fight for something that would improve us and give us the maturity that we need. By failing, we learn so many things, and from there we can be stronger. Love is a positive thing that is stained by the society and the human behavior. There’s nothing wrong about love, we’re just the one giving a poor meaning out of it. I also believe that it can really wait; but not destiny. We should try to work on something to be able to see if we will be loved or not. For love is patient, it can wait until the right time comes. Another thing, we lovers, must not give any wrong impression to what love is.

Love changes overtime because of many reasons; it can either be better or be worse. The thing is, we must learn to rise up from the fall and grow. From there on, we can assure that the next love would be better than the first one.

Anyway, let us all have a great Valentine’s Day! Share the love and joy of being alive. From there, I hope that we can all see the true face of LOVE without the masks and covers that we’ve put in into it.


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