One Down

Once I was in a corner of a room thinking how college would go for me. I’ve heard so many things about this stage and they said that I would freak out and be shocked on how college runs its system. Now that I’m here, I’m not actually that surprised on what it is. And in college, I’ve learned so many things and I can say that I developed as a person that I never thought I would be. I still have 4 years to spend in college, well I hope I’d be regular all the time, because I’ve finished one year already. Hooray! Now I need to survive at least four years to work on my future.

The past two semesters had been kind to me; just because I’d been kind to them also. I got high grades on my subjects and I maintained my scholarship throughout the months. My latest journey was that third semester, and it was the most challenging of them all. I got to experience things that I never knew I would be able to accomplish. Interviews, reports, case studies, speeches, producing a theater play and all other college works that really welcomed me to the real world – they were all present last semester. The past semester was a no joke for me. I became very anxious and all that on every papers and works that were given to us. “IS THIS POSSIBLE?”, I always ask that question to myself every time I’m working on a paper or two. I almost killed my professor for that, and you know I’m just kidding. There, I acted so immature during those situations; I always put words first to the activity rather than trying and finishing it first. As the semester came to a close, I realized to myself that I shouldn’t have acted that way and I would never do it again. I know that all those papers were worth my time and it would help me on my practice of greatness on my field. And so, I realized that I must give importance to such assignments and take them as a tool for my development. Another thing in that semester was, I got to improve my communication and speaking skills. I got to talk to many prominent persons and be able to take part and/or lead a group towards a success. They were all instrumental for me, for I got to expand my network of friends, if not enemies, in my college.

College is more than the academic things that would boost your grade, but it is also one of the best instrument for you to be the person that you would want to be. You would meet many persons, and each of them has distinctions and unique personalities; and so you must be flexible enough to deal with their different characters. And I would like to tell you, it’s not easy. But it will be simple if you would be willing to do so and be dedicated to it.

Four of the many kids that were present in our community service.

I would also like to mention our community services that I really enjoyed. Above all the joy that I can have in this part of the universe, I am most overwhelmed with helping people who really deserved some help to their life. We got to visit this area somewhere in Laguna and conducted a program for the children in the community. I was so happy to see them smile and be overjoyed with what we have given to them. I believe that they were all simple things but they really thanked us a lot. It was heartwarming to see them appreciate our efforts to make them realize that there are more things in life other than existing. Personally, I have learned so much on that experience.

Happiness seemed to never exist during last semester, but I was wrong. Those simple things that gave me joy reminded me that I should just look around and see what I was looking for. I won many battles, academically and emotionally, last semester. I got so many achievements as exchange to my efforts. I know that I could have done better than what I did last semester. I procrastinated so much last semester. But I do think that they were still enough for me to get high grades; not as high on the past semesters though. But really, at least I learned so much, and achieved so much.

Right now, I just want to relax and feel the comfort of being in a vacation. I want to go on a trip or two and then try some things that I never tried before. Everybody deserves some rest from such a hard journey. And thank God for being by my side all these times and for giving me enough strength to carry on.

So to all the upcoming college students there, be cool and be tough. And for the college students that have survived the last semester, nice work and get some rest.

Now I’m done with 1/5 of my college journey. One down, and four more to go. Let’s take this one day at a time.


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I will also start posting my original song compositions here! So watch out for that. Have a great summer, everyone!


This tweet encouraged me to study harder during our Final Exams:

Okay, enough.


2 thoughts on “One Down

  1. One of the things I wished I’ve done when I was in college was to document my life as a student. So to you, for excelling academically AND for blogging about your college experience – Kudos!

    Your artworks are awesome, btw. 😉

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