2012 NBA PLAYOFFS (1st Round Prediction)

If the NBA Playoffs would start today, these teams would likely to match-up with each other. I’ve weighed the stats and the momentum that each team has to come up with this overall prediction on which teams would go on to fight for the 2nd Round of the NBA Playoffs. Here it is, the table with the predicted results:

(1) CHICAGO vs. (8) Philadelphia
(Chicago would win this series 4 – 2)
(2) MIAMI vs. (7) New York
(Miami would win this series 4 – 2)
(3) INDIANA vs. (6) Orlando
(Orlando would win this series 4 – 3)
(4) BOSTON (1A) vs. (5) Atlanta
(Boston would win this series 4 – 3)
(1) SAN ANTONIO (1A) vs. (8) Phoenix
(San Antonio would win this series 4 – 1)
(2) OKLAHOMA CITY vs. (7) Dallas
(Oklahoma City would win this series 4 – 2)
(3) LOS ANGELES vs. (6) Denver
(Los Angeles would win this series 4 – 0)
(4) LOS ANGELES vs. (5) Memphis
(Los Angeles would win this series 4 – 3)

Let’s discuss the Eastern Conference first: The Bulls would surely win this one but they would have a hard time. Why? Because I think, D. Rose would still be in that process of adjusting to a team that have been a winner even if he had to sit down for a while because of his injuries. But still, the Bulls would not win this series if not for the leadership of the last season’s MVP. Then we go to the team of three superstars, the Miami Heat. The Heat would go up against the tough team of New York Knicks. I heard that Jeremy Lin would be back for the Playoffs and I’m not sure about Amare. If both players would come back, they would surely be a dangerous team to beat because Carmelo Anthony, as of the moment, is on fire and is surely in shape for the Playoffs. I would like this series to go down to a do-or-die game 7 but I’m sure the Miami Heat would not let it happen this time. Pacers against the Magic is not that thrilling for me, but I’m sure it would be a fine series. Orlando would win this one in 7 with the use of their Magic. On the next series, I’m thinking of a war. Either team can win this series but I would like to give the upper hand to the “experienced” players of the Boston Celtics. I know that Josh Smith and the whole Atlanta Hawks is on fire, but this team Celts would arguably stop the Hawks again.

Now it’s time for the Western Conference match-ups: Coach Pop, Timmy, Tony, and Manu would lead the Spurs to another run in the Playoffs once again. They would man-handle the Phoenix Suns with their experience and excellence. Tim Duncan would play like he’s on his 20’s again, and so with the Argentinian, Manu Ginobili. I just hope that they would stay healthy throughout the run. Dallas is not playing like they’re the defending champs, and it’s because they’re a different team now. So I have to give this series to the young guns of Oklahoma City Thunders; to add, they have Durant and Westbrook playing at a high-level, let’s see. The Black Mamba would be back and together with the whole Laker team, they would sweep the series and put away the Nuggets. No doubt, Pau is playing superb basketball and all that the Lakers would have to do, is make sure that Bynum would play mature basketball consistently. The next series, Los Angeles Clippers versus Memphis Grizzlies would be a blockbuster series for their fans. They would go head-to-head with no mercy at all, especially Blake Griffin. Expect high-flying games for the Clippers and post moves from the Grizzlies. Gay and Randolph would be big in this series but Paul and Griffin would be bigger.

These are just my predictions and possibilities could still happen. For example, other teams are still trying their best to get to the Playoffs. The Conference Standings is still not fixed; so let’s see. I’m sure the 1st round would be a treat to the NBA fans.

What do you think guys? Any comments? Reactions? Feel free to express yourselves!


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