And I’m Back

Hey yeah. I think I’ve been away for too long now that my blog has been a ghost town for you people. To share, I found some ghosts residing in here and what’s strange is that they’ve been calling my name since last week. Yeah, I’m weird. Well anyway, this would be the start of something new. Though this line has been a cliche since High School Musical, which is an uhm show, I need to use it to describe everything. Okay, let’s see how would I explain this line.

I’ve been so fortunate to be recognized by many people now. From my writing skills, if I have them, to my academic and all that skills – I can never deny they see me as that person. Well yeah, those things got into my head. I’ve been so proud. I’ve been so so proud. Upon seeing my name on the top of that Dean’s List, I got my head thinking how great I am. I took them – all the lovely praises and compliments, I took them. Suddenly, I found myself in a hole – a hole that has been waiting for me to fall and be inside it. I almost fell, right at this very moment, I’m still trying to get out of that hole that has been trying to eat me. Just now, I realized how careless I am in my life. I’ve spent too much time doing nonsense and less time on things that would make me a better person – better than I was yesterday.

I stopped blogging because I was too busy doing those nonsense. I’ve made those excuses that I was just busy that’s why I stopped writing/blogging. But really, that’s not the reason – and that will never be a valid reason. This article is a heat check – let me just see if I can still write and put my thoughts into it.

The story would be long, and maybe now is not the right time to talk about it

I’m just so happy that I’m back now. I’ll never leave again. I guess I just need to constantly remind myself that I’m still a nobody in this world. That I still have to make a name for myself. That all these praises and achievements must serve as motivations for me to work harder and be even better.

Again, thank you for reading this. Ladies and gentlemen, the opinionated blogger is back.


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