Manny Pacquiao: End of an Era?

manny-pacquiao-vs-juan-manuel-marquez-4I don’t know how to start this post. I’m so emotional right now. But no, I’m not crying – Jinkee is. And she has all the rights in the world to do so. Back off haters.

Manny Pacquiao, the future Hall of Famer, came into the ring wearing a smile in his face. You can see his confidence and eagerness to showcase his greatness against a long-time rival in Juan Manuel Marquez. The first round was alright – no highlights to be shown on tomorrow’s newspapers – but then the next rounds came and Pacquiao, unfortunately, received a powerful punch in the face from Marquez that made him sit on the floor for 5 secs. That alone, made me feel very anxious. I’m like, what Pacquiao? Come on!

So I was right, Pacquiao would revenge and would be more eager than ever – for he punched from left to right until JuanMa was cornered and eventually was down for the count for some time. That made everything even. I was sitting, watching, observing, and saying that the fight would be a great show – with both fighters willing to give it all to prove all them haters wrong; and to show who’s really the stronger boxer between them.

And so the 6th Round came, with all these nerves inside me I was very confident that Manny would survive this until the last second. The bell was about to ring when Manny received that amazing blow to the chin from Juan Manuel Marquez. No counts needed. No confirmation was required. Pacquiao was down – down and looking bad. He fell like he was shot by a gun from the back. I was shocked, stunned and crying inside at the same time. What happened? He was saved by the bell, right? Unfortunately no, he can’t get up. His eyes were closed. I can see Jinkee from the stands trying to reach his husband – that alone, is a heartbreaker.


Pacquiao, the man that we nicknamed “PacMan”, has shown enough and has proven many things already. He brought glory to the Philippines for so many years now. All those championships that he offered to the Filipinos – all of them are treasures. It’s not a shame to see Pacquiao out there in Las Vegas, Nevada down and almost dying. IT’S NOT. Maybe, I thought, it’s just a message that Manny should think twice now. Is he still that strong to compete against the others? Probably not today, for Marquez was the stronger man.

I think Pacquiao – Marquez V would not be necessary. They’ve shown enough and I know boxing fans would like to move on from the rivalry – which is probably one of the greatest rivalries of all time.

Now is Pacquiao’s time to fall, to fail and to be defeated. He’s been up there for so long now. He’s just human – he’s not a boxing God or whatever. Overconfidence may have eaten him or whatever. It’s just that, maybe his era has ended – and another would start for our Filipino boxers in the name of Nonito Donaire or the others. Just maybe.

No matter what, I’m still proud of what Manny Pacquiao has achieved. From rugs to riches – from a nobody to somebody. He’s such an inspiration.

I support Filipino athletes. I support Philippine sports. Win or Lose, I’m still a Filipino – I’m still a supporter.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Manny Pacquiao, one of the greatest boxers of all time – a true Filipino warrior.


2 thoughts on “Manny Pacquiao: End of an Era?

  1. Man, you just heightened what i felt about him. He’s no doubt a great athlete, a great man, and probably a great dad to his children. Well, if there’s time to rise, there must be a time to fall. But who knows, maybe he could get back up one more time and beat the hell out of floydie. but as far as im concerned, im glad to see the era wherein a filipino like me, rose because of he believes that he can do it.

  2. 8 years ago, marquez was a world champion and people believed he was at the end of his career at 31. pacquiao was young, fresh and promising at 26. kudos marquez for staying fit to keep fighting at 39 and pacman for making a name for himself outside of boxing.unfortunately, this unnecessary 4th fight means one thing, they are both moving downhill but refuse to acknowledge it.

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