We Still Believe

Just a tough week for Philippine Sports – we had Manny Pacquiao knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez, and now a heartbreaking loss by the Azkals on the second leg of that Semi-Final match/duel between the Philippines and the Singapore (Lion Xi).

I’ve recently posted an article about the Pacman defeat, and now it’s time for me to blog about my thoughts on our beloved Azkals.

Football is never an easy sport; I’m not saying that there is an easy sport. With football, stamina is tested, teamwork, decisions, proper executions above others. Azkals, a monicker for the Philippine Football Team, has been one of the most respected teams all-over southeast Asia. This, in fact, was not true many years ago. The team had been defeated convincingly by many other teams years ago. The Philippines was never a powerhouse on football back then. But recently, because of the hard work of the guys that stayed with the team, the football in the Philippines had gone mainstream and the rest is history.

Many issues covered the team – from the nationality to scandals. These things, left a bad mark for the football team. Some people are saying that, “Hey yah, it was named Azkals because of those dog-like behaviors of the players”, which probably, may be true. Why? Because dogs are lovers and loyal, and as a team, they’ve been playing their hearts out for the Philippine flag. So why hate?

So near yet so far. – Probably the theme for the Azkals on this AFF Suzuki Cup. Nothing to be ashamed of. The Azkals did great, tho they failed to finish the plays that matter the most. Well, that has been a problem for all of us – from personal experience.

Enough with the mourn and it’s now time to think positive. We still have the AFC Challenge Cup and I know the team would be better. If Shrocke and Etheridge would be available, then that would be fantastic; but, I’m not saying that Ed Sacapano is a bad goalkeeper. NO, he was solid out there protecting the goal – And I know, that he will continue to be.

GOOD THING: The team, as I’ve said, is improving – with promising players like Raichelt, we’re on the right track.

WHAT WE NEED TO WORK ON: The chemistry is still an issue. You can easily point that out on crosses and set plays. It’s just obvious that guys weren’t able to communicate on final/crucial passes. Other than that, we have all the talents that we need.

I know that there is more to come for the Azkals. For us fans, let’s just stay there. Let’s support the Azkals until the end.


Tho it has been a sad week for Philippine Sports, we should still be proud of our athletes. Win or Lose, we’re behind them. Azkals, Pacquiao and other Boxers, Gilas, and to all our other athletes, we’re behind you for we still believe.


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