And it’s called…

You set everything about the perfect girl and how she should be nice, smart and not like the others who would flirt all day. But suddenly, all these preparations and dreaming would be ‘garbage’ because you would meet a girl that was nowhere from your expectations. It’s crazy. You think you’re too smart and you will never be fooled by such a girl; but no, that’ll never be the case, because you’ll fall. And before you even know it, you’ve fallen into a trap and you must find your way to get out of it. You created the trap and became the victim of it. It’s a matter of choosing whether you would take a risk and continue on with the trap or be careful enough to try and find your way out of it. Either way, you’ll learn and grow up. The thing is, if ever you’ll survive the fall and get out of it, make sure you’ll never make the same mistake again. Because if you do, then you didn’t learn from the past. You just stayed with the trap and got out of it to fall again to the same shit. People can be stupid. Even the smartest ones can be stupid. We can all be stupid when it comes to dealing with love. How I wish, that you would be smart enough to know what’s right from wrong – what’s worth the risk and what’s not – and most especially, what do you want most or what do you need most. Well, that’s tough, and it must be – because it wouldn’t be an integral part of life if it wasn’t or if it would not be.


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