“I’m about to talk to you. Here, I’m coming. Oh no. No. No. I realized I don’t want to annoy you. Maybe right now, you’re busy or something; but even if you’re not, I still won’t talk to you. I feel like I’ve annoyed you for so many times now. But just you know, it kills me every time I have to stop myself from talking to you. If I could just.. Ugh. Never mind. Maybe next time? Or maybe not. Or never.”

– March 5

“That feeling of yes, I want to write something, but I just can’t seem to put the right words together. In my head they’re perfect – all words in their proper places making sense; but outside my head when I’m trying to write them down, no words. I have words, but they’re not perfect; therefore, I’m not pleased. Oh please words, let me write you down so everything would be alright.”

– March 5



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