the sunset


April 4, 2013 – Charles Lijauco “the sunset”

Tonight, I went outside after I finished a film. I don’t know, I have no intention or whatsoever I just want to go outside and breathe fresh air since everybody in the house was outside, outside meaning far away from home, but me. So I stood there, about 5 meters away from the back of our house and 5 meters away from the wall that separates our place to the woods. I looked up and I saw two colors, one blue and one orange, and I’m sorry but I’m not that good with colors so I have no other words or name, just orange; then call it sunset orange. I found myself looking up for like 3 minutes. I saw it. With my eyes I saw it, the sunset it is. And the sunset for me is not just all about the sun going down, for I also heard the sound of the birds chirping, sound of the cold summer breeze touching my face and moving the strands of my hair; I saw them, the trees were dancing, bats were flying and birds are all over the place, maybe playing or something – but the thing here is I saw them. I saw life. This time I realized that all that I needed was to go outside and see the world, the paradise that we’ve taken for granted. That in here, or there we can see balance – balance in life. That even though there are wars happening in Korea and Afghanistan, that people are killing each other for pride or just because they can’t understand each other; even though there are couples breaking up, parents still working for their children, people who are spending there money in Las Vegas or Macau, that there are people that would rather sleep early because they’re hungry than stay up to watch how the sun sets, it would still go down, yes the sun would still go down. The trees would continue on dancing and the birds would still fly, as I’m writing this. It’s life, I realized. The beauty would just never stop just because people are struggling. And that’s wonderful, especially for the people who would want to see the sunset, the wonder, the life.


April 4, 2013 – Charles Lijauco “the sunset”

Now I’m ready to see the moon.


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