How To Make Homemade Pizza (Or at least something close to it)

Yeah, I know. Even me wouldn’t trust the title itself, so what are you doing here? Search Google for something better! But if you’re a loyal reader, then prepare to suffer.

My brother and I got bored and so we decided to make pizza out of the things that can be found in the kitchen. So basically, we made something out of what we have, and maybe it would be useful for people with limited budget, or for those who just don’t want to go out of their houses or apartments or whatever. Enough of the talking, let’s get down to business. Ladies and gentlemen, the shit homemade pizza.


Things you’ll need in pictures, because I’m too tired to type their names.

20150102_161457 20150102_161413 20150102_161400 20150102_155522 20150102_155456 20150102_155404

Okay, the first and only step: Put everything together. Come on, I’m not a food blogger so I don’t know much about measurement and steps. But since I’m nice, I’ll try. First put whatever amount of tomato sauce in a slice of bread. Then beef, hot dog, ham and finally, cheese. See, I’m terrible, why are you even reading this shit. Anyway, when you’re done doing that, put everything that you’ve made in the oven and heat from 7 – 10 minutes. What a waste of good ingredients, right? But kidding aside, the finished product do taste fine, kind of close to a real pizza, if you’d ask me, or am I just being biased? Take the latter, because I will, too. But it’s real that I enjoyed eating it because come on, we made it and it’s satisfying and we all know that we’ll eat anything close to pizza.

If you have some money, you can order, instead, really. We should’ve, but we thought it was fun to try and mix everything up. The thing is, it’s fun to experiment once in a while. If it’s a complete failure, then blog about it so everyone can make a laugh out of it, right? But that’s not what I did, of course. Our pizza is perfection. Okay, not.

So yeah, this post is to alert everyone that I’m transitioning to food blog and nothing can change that. I feel it in my veins, like it’s calling my name from the kitchen. I’ve decided, and my decision is to stop this thing before it gets too boring, because you and I don’t want that.


Looks good, anyway. Pizza cravings satisfied!

I hope everyone’s having a great start to their year, because I am. Let’s make this year memorable that if we would ever look back soon, we would remember this year as the one that we really enjoyed. Learn and try new things. Take chances and make pizza based from my post! Self-promotion, you see.

Happy New Year!


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