To The Fallen 44

The amount of people getting killed because of wars has always been alarming, and I think the fact that many would still risk their lives or have their lives be at risk because of endless gun fights has long been known, but not accepted by many including me, who now is in the last year of being a teenager. You’ve got to question the intelligence of men, sometimes, or maybe every time. The recent killing of 44 Special Action Force members of the Philippine National Police should not be taken for granted, especially if they were slaughtered in the middle of a mission to track down two well-known terrorists at the heart of the MILF and BIFF bases located at Mamasapano, Maguindanao. Worse, the heads are denying involvement on the mission itself. Way to wash their hands, I think. Rumors have been going around that the President Noynoy Aquino himself gave the go-signal and the supposed to be suspended PNP chief ‘ran the show‘. If the mission didn’t end as bad as it did, would they still deny involvement? Or would they slap it to everyone’s faces? Well, no one knows, except them. If this was their plan to make the chief’s name and reputation better again, I think they failed. But then again, nothing is proven and no one has confirmed the reports yet, so I would try and be fair to them as possible. The blaming game shouldn’t be the focus here, at least for the moment. It isn’t about the way that the government seems so insensitive about the issue, but more to the fight that our forces gave for the country until death. It’s in the way that each of them took bullets as long and as many as they could while they stood hopelessly in the middle of guns from wild terrorists who some shouldn’t have done what they’ve done, but the act has been done and justice must be served. There’s an existing Bangsamoro agreement at work here, what happened? You’ve got to question the willingness of the other party for peace. If they would still spill blood to our lands, then what’s the sense of giving them something that maybe they didn’t deserve? If it’s peace they want, then peace they should give. The involvement of the MILF hasn’t been cleared, but it’s obvious that one way or the other, they fired shots and brutally killed the fallen SAF members. On the other hand, the participation on the killing by the BIFF has been confirmed, and it has been reported that they themselves would take revenge to what happened to their men during the standoff. The tension is high, and I wish that no more innocents living in the area would be damaged, as three were reported wounded after the killings. The mission was indeed a failure, though reports have said that Marwan was shot dead by the force, because many lives were lost, may they be from the SAF side or less favorable ones’ side. It’s always the ending of wars, I guess, battles and wars may be won, but lives would always be lost. To gain something, you must lose something. This time, the forces may have killed a high-profile terrorist in Marwan, but they also lost good members of the force – good fathers to their children, husbands to their wives, sons to their parents, and brothers to everyone. Such good men should not be forgotten – for lives that would’ve served the country for a very long time were cut short because of a poorly planned mission and brutally killing of terrorists. We all dream of days with no guns being fired and bombs being thrown. We all dream of days with no terrorists to hunt down and no missions to kill someone needed. We all dream of peace, but what we have now is far from our dreams. Our men fought bravely, and it’s all that we can celebrate, but more grieve for now. The truth shall come out. To the fallen 44, we may not remember your names in the next days, weeks, months, years, nor they would be written in history books, but your courageous act would be remembered and stories of it would be passed down until they become legends, until you all become legends by your own rights. Sirs, I offer you my salute. Fallen 44


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