The Stolen Belt

It was a boxing fight made for the big screen. It was like the last installment of the Rocky Balboa movie franchise. It took them five years to make it happen, and so we waited, because that’s the best thing that we can do. A lot of people thought the fight wouldn’t happpen, but all the doubts were thrown out in the trash can for the date was set: May 2, American time. And so the expectations were raised, and the fighters were left with months to prepare for the biggest fight in boxing history.pac The atmosphere was nothing but electrifying. It transcended from theMGM Grand, Las Vegas, to the cinema located in our humble city, inside the Philippines. The seats were taken, lights were turned off, and the undercards were forgotten. Finally after five years, the dream would be a reality. The crowd went crazy every time the big screen showed the familiar face in Manny Pacquiao, known as the People’s Champ. Hoorays and claps were all over the place and every single noise became united to cheer for the Philippine pride. On the other hand, boos were given to Mayweather, the undisputed champion. Everybody went emotional as the ringing of the bell came closer. And ween the infamous “Let’s get ready to rumble” was shouted by Michael Buffer, there was nothing but loud cheers and pure excitement. Then the familiar tone took its place. The bell announced that the fight was really happening and the first punch of the historic fight would be thrown seconds after the said announcement. The first round wasn’t action packed, but iit was sure filled with nerves and excitement. The fight picked up on the second and third rounds. No boxer was controllng the match, until the fourth round came in. Killer combinations were thrown by Pacquiao, and it was then that Mayweater started to run and embrace Manny. The crowd was happy to see Pacquiao outplaying Mayweather, and boos and laughters were given every time Floyd ran away or embraced Pacquiao. It was frustrating to see the match being stopped because of some stupid embrace, but that’s how Mayweather works – that’s how you play defense in boxing. But even those didn’t affect Pacquiao from throwing killer punches to the face and body of the undisputed fighter. After the sixth round, Floyd Mayweather, Sr. shouted at his son’s face; asking something like, “What’s happening with you, son?”. It was uncharacteristic to see Floyd’s face being scared and having doubts, so everyone thought that Pacquiao had the upper hand. After the said incident with his father, Floyd came back strong on the seventh round. On some rounds, Mayweather almost fell because of Pacquiao’s electrifying punches. It should be noted that Mayweather hasn’t toucheed the canvas for the longest time now. Many times, Floyd was cornered but his defense remained intact. He faked Pacquiao and defeated him with counter punches, but even those didn’t take the fact that Pacquiao dictated and controlled the fight. It’s obvious that both fighters were in great shape, but it looked like Pacquiao wanted it more. The final round was memorable, and by the looks of it, Pacquiao would win. But as analysts say, if the fight lasts until the final bell, then the fight would sure go with Mayweather – and that’s what happened. Many walked out from the cinema. After a moment of silence, boos and taunts covered the place. It was sure disappointing to see Pacquiao being defeated in the eyes of the judges. The guy who took low blows and dirty plays from Mayweather; the guy who controlled the phase of the bout, was defeated via unanimous decision. Scores: One judge scored: 118 – 110 Two judges scored: 116 – 112 (If I’m not mistaken with what I can remember.) It broke the hearts of all the boxing fans who saw the fight. It was like a replay of what happened back in the first Pacquiao – Bradley fight. Maybe it was Mayweather’s defensive strategy that won the game for him. Maybe it was Pacquiao’s missed punches that caused him to lose the match. Maybe it was Mayweather’s dirty tactics that the judges wanted to see. It was Las Vegas, baby. For now, we’re just sure with one thing: Money won.


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