My Doodles

In life, you must take a break and do things that you enjoy. As a product of my boredom and a little bit of creativity, I came up with an idea to open a new page on this blog entitle “My Doodles”. Here, I will post my drawings and doodles and share it to everyone. Be careful though because your eyes might get hurt. All drawings are free to share and to distribute! Just ask for permission or just tell me.

You can see them by clicking on their titles/names under the My Doodles tab. But I’ll make another option for you, I’ll also post them here so you can easily see the link that will lead you to the drawings. Alright, here:

The Pianist:

The Guitar Man:

Music + Love:

Spongebob SOMEWHAT Squarepants:

Who am I?:

The Bogus Pundit:



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